{{isZh ? '文本翻译' : 'Text Translation'}}

{{ isZh ? '采用世界领先的神经网络结构,基于海量高质量的语料,实现中文与英文高准确度互译,在金融学名词、人名、公司、地址等金融相关专业术语的翻译上效果突出。可支持定制化语料库训练。' : "Using world's leading neural network structure and based on a massive high-quality corpus, a high accuracy Chinese-English and English-Chinese translation is realized, especially in the translation of financial terms, names of people, companies and addresses in financial related fields. Customized corpus training is supported." }}
{{ isZh ? '如有私有化部署需求及商务问题,请联系customerservice@hithink.com' : "Issues on privatization deployment request and business, please contact customerservice@hithink.com" }}

{{isZh ? '产品体验' : "Product Trial"}}

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{{isZh ? '翻译领域' : "Select domain"}}
{{isZh ? '开 始 翻 译' : "Start Translation"}} {{isZh ? '翻 译 中' : "translating"}}

{{isZh ? '产品优势' : "Advantages"}}

{{isZh ? '翻译质量领先' : "Leading in translation quality"}}

{{isZh ? '第十六届全国机器翻译大会(CCMT 2020),获得英中翻译第三名,提供业界领先的机器翻译服务' : "Third place in CCMT 2020(a Chinese machine translation competition) with leading machine translation services"}}

{{isZh ? '简单易用' : "Simple & easy "}}

{{isZh ? '提供通用API接口及Demo文件,接入方式方便快捷' : "General API and demo provided with easy and fast access"}}

{{isZh ? '海量训练语料' : "Massive training corpus"}}

{{isZh ? '拥有海量平行语料数据,利用先进的深度学习建模技术,翻译结果更加准确' : "With massive parallel corpus data and advanced deep learning modeling technology, the translation results are more accurate"}}

{{isZh ? '个性化服务' : "Personalized service"}}

{{isZh ? '提供个性化解决方案,可针对不同需求定制化服务方案' : "Provide personalized solutions, as well as customized service solutions for different needs"}}

{{isZh ? '应用场景' : "Applicable Scenarios"}}

  • {{isZh ? '金融资讯' : "Financial information"}}

    {{isZh ? '提供高准确率的金融领域翻译,原汁原味获取全球金融商业资讯' : "Provide high accuracy translation in financial field on global financial business information"}}

  • {{isZh ? '舆情监控' : "Public opinion monitoring"}}

    {{isZh ? '即时准确地翻译结果大量金融专业名词是同花顺的优势,轻松掌握中国企业舆情' : "With the advantage of translating a great number of financial terms, Hithink Royalflush can help you capture the public opinion of Chinese enterprises easily"}}

  • {{isZh ? '业务出海' : "Overseas business"}}

    {{isZh ? '快速准确地把网站、APP上的中文内容翻译成英文,助力业务平稳出海' : "Accurate and fast translation of the English content on your website and app into Chinese, facilitating your business entering China smoothly"}}

  • {{isZh ? '书籍翻译' : "Book translation"}}

    {{isZh ? '稳定高效的翻译服务可支持长篇学术文章、金融书籍等翻译' : "Stable and efficient translation services on lengthy academic articles and financial booksl"}}

{{isZh ? '客户案例' : "Customer Case"}}

{{isZh ? '同花顺' : "Hithink Royalflush"}}

{{isZh ? 'i问财' : "iWencai"}}

{{isZh ? 'ifind' : "iFind"}}

{{isZh ? '舆情终端' : "Terminal on public opinion"}}

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